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Current Openings

Investment Banker – 2 Male + 2 Female:

Age: 26 to 40yrs.

Languages: Fluency in written and oral English & Hindi.

Mobility: Owned Two / Four wheeler is a must with valid driving licence.

Location: Mumbai and Pune

Education Requirements: The minimum requirement for an investment banker is a bachelor’s degree. An MBA or a degree in finance, banking, investing or accounting is generally required. Candidates must have superior math skills and must have knowledge of banking procedures, economics, risk evaluation and risk management.

Candidates must also be extremely detail oriented and self motivated. This position generally requires employees to work and travel independently. Candidates must be self-starters, self disciplined and extremely open minded as they will regularly be interacting with people from a variety of different cultures. Expertise in MS Office and Power point presentation is required.

Skills Required:

  1. Hard Work Expected and Respected: Investment banking is a high work, high risk, high reward profession. When you start your hours will typically be long but the work can be exciting. Be prepared for moments of frustration where you are stretched too thin and moments of exhilaration where everything clicks.
  2. Communication and Completion Abilities Key: In mid-career, your success usually will depend on your ability to communicate with clients and get deals done. At this level it is also important to have a good understanding of market trends, the political and macroeconomic environment and deal mechanics.
  3. Contacts are Everything: The key to breaking into investment banking is a good network of contacts. You may already be blessed with such a network, but if you don’t have one, you can start to develop one by going on informational interviews, attending industry conferences, finding alumni from your school in the business etc
  4. Teamwork Crucial: A crucial success factor in investment banking is teamwork. Being able to pull together persons with large egos to get a presentation together for a client is a challenge and is likely to be rewarded highly.
  5. Getting Things Done is Important: Starting off in an investment bank, you are usually responsible for getting projects done well and on-time, whether it be writing reports, running spreadsheets, trading, doing research or coding programs. Later, once you get involved with clients and ideas for generating revenue, you will be rewarded greatly if you can bring in business.

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